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    My local ‘bab store jumped on the HSP bandwagon a little while back, but I only got around to checking it out yesterday, so here’s my belated review:

    Signage: 6/10. No neon signs, and its not 100% clear this place is halal, but given its called Just Turkish Food it’s pretty obvious it’s halal. Also didnt’ get greeted as brother, but I’m a white dude and this is suburban working class white heartland full of people who might get spooked by words like “halal” and being called brother by anyone who isn’t their pissed mate Kev after 8 schooners of the Very Best and a win on the pokies.

    Speed: 7/10. I rocked up at about 2pm on a Sunday, so oldmate had to cook the chips fresh. This took longer than expected, but he was up front about it, and the upside is that the chips were fresh straight from the fryer. I’d rather wait for hot fresh chips straight from the fryer than get flaccid soggy potato strips from a bain marie quickly.

    Sauce: 6/10. Masterfoods fare, with no artistic flair. They do have home-made chilli sauce and hummous in tubs in the fridge which totally rock, and if they offered these sauces on their HSPs, they’d be getting 10/10 for sure.

    Quality: 8/10. Chips were crinkle cut legends hot and fresh from the fryer. Meat was average kebab shop fare – the lamb was that compressed lamb wad which tastes the same everywhere, and the chicken was stacked chicken thigh fillets and was nicely balanced between crispy charred and succulent. Both cooked on vertical gas spits. No cheese, but I didn’t ask for any. I kinda feel cheese is an opt-out thing in HSPs, not opt-in.

    Price: 8/10. $10 for a standard styro box with a fair amount of chips and meat. I’ve paid more for less, but I haven’t paid less for more. I’d prefer a bit more meat, and next time I’ll ask for more even if it bumps the price up.

    Overall, this HSP demonstrates room for improvement, but it hits the spot in a time of need. A bit of artistic flair, the option to have their home made chilli sauce, an extra scoop of meat, and the addition of cheese would bump this HSP up a star. I’d happily pay $12 for a 4 star HSP over $10 for a 3 star HSP.

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